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January 15, 2009

Well now, I have gone and created a space that I will now need to fill. These pages will contain a combination of my words and imagery. I write, mostly poetry, in a non-traditional way. My creative writings are more of a stream of imagination and not the formal poetry you may be used to. My writings are also about the places I go, and things I see, but I only write when the mood strikes me. I also make images opposite the times when I teach others how to make images. Yes, I confess, I am an art teacher. For the past 11 years I have been teaching young creative minds the art of photography and digital media. So, when my teaching hat is off, I attempt to create images for my visual voice. It has been years since I have picked up a camera. Instead, I have been using film and flatbed scanners to record an image. Admittedly so, I have not experimented with content as much as I have technique, so the body of work from this series is limited and quite similar. Fast forward to todays mood. I feel a change a commin on! I have no idea what that is, but I remember feelings like this in the past and it usually leads to somewhere rewarding. 

Lets call this new mood, a “creative re-awakening”. I sold off my huge MP DSLR, even hate the sound of that, and purchased a tiny digital pocket camera. I love this thing! I have made more images in the past few weeks than I did the entire time I owned the Colossal Canon Chunk of Electronics, or “CCCE” for short. My little “Panny”, named by another forum, is just the ticket. It fits in my pocket, has a Leica 24mm – 2.0 lens, and is fashionably all black. Add to that, manual controls, raw capability, and enough IQ for my needs, and I am tickled pink. In addition to the Panny, I have dusted off my traditional film camera. Traditional I say? The powers that be these days, have found it necessary to label the slightly older and still current  image making method. What once was known as just still photography, is now labeled “traditional” or the completely insane term, “analog”. Run for the hills! Anyway, I have and will use photographic film again. 

This is a slice of me, an introduction to which a wealth of information will soon follow. It will be humorous, serious, personal, and a breath of different air. Enjoy…….



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