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Light Graffiti- cool video-waste of a host

January 27, 2009

Sorry,,, I had to remove this video link because the host wanted to store and retrieve information on my computer. When I denied, it kept trying to ask for permission and said that the information that I posted would be erased.

This all started with the vodpod widget that I added for this blog. After much research, it seemed the best way to share video. I went to the site and signed up for an account and added my video. The widget was easy, but even more impressive was that vodpod allowed you to embed the video directly into a post. Perfect, I thought; finally an easy answer. But wait, here is where it falls apart. If you clicked on the video player in any area other than the play button, a new window would pop up and take you to their site. Not a huge deal, but one that I did not want to happen. So I control clicked and tried to alter the settings of the video player, and there it was. I could allow or deny the host the option to store and retrieve information on my computer, oh, the option to allow was checked.. What! What the hell is this? What could they possibly want to store on my computer? I know why they want to retrieve information for marketing purposes, but the storing thing had me puzzled. Maybe it is like the old free music sites like limewire and napster, but you aren’t downloading anything other than a link from the host site.

Opening up your computer like this only begs for rogue viruses like malware or spyware to be loaded. So, I promptly deleted my post and widget..



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