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From: “Letters to my Muse”

January 30, 2009

“If my words could move even the smallest thimble, you would know all about me. The simple pleasures, the complex caring. I am tied with insipid vulnerability that casts a shadow over insight and intent. You have cast away layers and revealed a man unsure of how to tremble next to you. I reach, unknowing if the hand would be there, and I touch without the expectation of skin. Yet with each, I find familiar ground, like the space that resides between life and soul.

It is the area between the land and clouds where I reside, treading air, waiting, prone through calm and storm. If I could control the wind that would lift you from the dirt and carry you to me, I would. To live a life in the enveloping sky, above the worries of man and under the clouds of god. But this is below the silver lining, and far away from the gold. For I am dusted with bronze reflecting the bright sun, without complex shadows or a queens palace. Your residence would be my heart, a place of safety and warmth, yet would never satiate your true desire.”



From → Poetry/Writing

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