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Down and only kinda out……

February 20, 2009

I battle sickness,, this is my new motto, ugh. It reads in my eyes, on my forehead, and I am seriously thinking about having a t shirt made. What was the flu, turned into bronchitis, then turned into the common cold, and is now a serious threat to my well being,  at least that is what my medical journal diagnosed it as. Thank god I put the book away before I discovered that I was dying of some exotic, rare, only a Boysen would have, winter disease. What is worse, I have developed TENNIS ELBOW!!!! from lying in bed scrunched up  and using my laptop. I shit you not! 

The web,,,,, surfing and reading,  I have rekindled my love for adventure motorcycling. This is dangerous, as I now lust after a $12k dual sport machine. It is destined to be my catalyst for a cross country summer trip. I can feel the wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth, and the months build up of exhaust smell in my clothing. Oh, to cross that mountain pass,  traverse the valley floor, or  find a wayward trail in the,,, Schreeech!! The WIFE walks in and asks if I have taken out the trash. She knows I am sick, but loves to remind me of  honey-do’s and poke the ribs a little. 

I take more meds…..

I haven’t made a photograph in a while. I feel guilty.. I have actually read more about making photographs than I care to admit. It is kind of pathetic. The discussion boards are full of photographers touting the latest and greatest camera, right now it’s the Nikon D3x, an $8,000.00 digital wonder piece. Photographers are all over it, wait, not the Canon users, they hate it. Many ask if they should upgrade and will it make their photography better…. But, here is something worse, In almost every thread, there is someone who writes “Why are you wasting your time here posting when you could be out shooting pictures”, ummm, did you just post that instead of,, never mind…

Wonder if a pain pill will help?


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