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Why am I addicted to this: photos after the read

February 26, 2009

Being sick has it’s advantages and it’s drawbacks. One plus is that I have an excellent excuse to rest, which is a luxury in a house full of women. On the other hand, being stared at while chores are being tackled and I am prone in bed is a minus. So, even sick, I try to do a little something around the house first, then I sink in for some self indulging sick time to read or surf the web, abuse cough syrup, and hope to be catered to at least once.

While reading one of my favorite forums, I caught another bug, one that I have been sick with many times before. Okay, not a cough or a queezy stomach sick, but I have a passion sickness, better yet, a wonderful addiction. It is a selfish one, and as of late it has been stored away on a shelf so that I can be a responsible and safe husband/father. I am addicted to adventure motorcycle touring. Yes, I know all of the dangers involved; yes, I know that I have a beautiful wife and two young children; yes, yes, yes. I actually sold my last motorcycle six years ago on the exciting news that we were expecting our second child. It was a tough decision, but a wonderfully mature thing to do and I did it without much argument. And actually, I don’t regret that choice to sell, as it was the right time. But now that my girls are older, and I am also older, I am beginning to again feel the lure of the open road again.

I have traveled many miles on two wheels, most within a days ride of my hometown Nashville. I would gas up and get lost on back roads, ultimately ending up in Alabama to the south or Kentucky to the north before I headed back home. Sometimes I rode with groups, but mostly I was on my own chewing up the miles, seeing the sights and making an image or two. My last long motorcycle trip was planned around my stay as an Artist in Residence at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design back in 99. I traveled state roads  along the Mississippi River, stayed in mom and pop motels, took a wrong turn in Iowa, and rode with locals throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota. Then, as a bonus,  I got to do again on the way back. The feeling of being on your own, on two wheels, and the freedom to go in any direction is quite powerful, and I can totally understand why there are clubs, groups, and websites dedicated to this two wheel addiction.

One such website is the Adventure Rider Motorcycle Forum,, which is dedicated to all rigs with two wheels and those who ride them anywhere and everywhere. I don’t want this to become a review of the site, so head over for yourself and snoop around. One section I love is a forum for ride reports. You can lose yourself for hours reading interesting road stories. Some are more well written than others, but I am sure there is something there for everyone. I just finished , Alaskin Titty Bar Tour 2008- Prudhoe Bay Edition,         , an excellent read the will have you laughing and possibly crying at the same time. Why am I addicted to this? It is more than a good read to me. I imagine myself riding along with them and wonder why I wasn’t asked to join. It is not an insecure feeling, but more like an inner drive to make it happen for me and to relive the feeling of being on my own, on two wheels, and to have the choice to go in any direction.

Sign me up!  I am ready to buy a new to me bike. Well, I say I am ready, but finances say otherwise; not to mention the economy is such that I would be less than wise to indulge in a $6K dual sport steed. So, for now I will continue to live vicariously through others and patiently wait for my entry point back into the two wheel world.

Here are some images that I made on my last trip (by PT Cruiser) through Colorado and New Mexico. No wonder I want to continue my summer travels, and on a bike no less.


Waterfall outside Ouray, Co.


Ghost town, never would have known it was there, small sign, dirt road and the PT acted like a 4WD.


I am definitely not in Kansas.


I think its sightseeing Amish…


Mountain lake.



Camping outside Taos, NM.

All Photos by Penn Boysen ©

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