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She says:

March 27, 2009

Her age was 6

“I don’t like to swim in the school pool.” In response I try to coax her out of the fear she is experiencing by using words like “safe”, “toes”, “friends”, and “prune” in fancy daddy like sentences. But I remember my own childhood and the problems that I had with water, imagining all the serpent, gilled, teethy, child hungry things swimming below me. Even in a clear pool I knew they were there, ready to take off a piece of me if they were hungry. “They are camouflaged”, I told my father. Years later I go to the pool that scared my daughter. There, tucked away in the basement where time stands still. 


The shallow end of the pool. I am sure this is where she stood trembling, from fear and from the cold water, studying every inch. I too know they are there. Even her screaming classmates with splashing arms and legs would not keep them away. A whistle from the coach breaks her scared silence and he says, “This year you will learn to swim to the deep end.” , “wah wa wah wa wa wah” like a Charlie Brown teacher is all she heard from then on. 




  1. Amazing light in those shots. Wow.


  2. The Observant Imagist permalink

    Thanks, I was taken aback by the space which deserves a closer look

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