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I miss my Thermos

April 21, 2009

I miss my old Thermos. It had nicks, scratches and a stained inside from constant use. I carried it around for years and abused the coffee that it kept hot. I even gave up my favorite ceramists mug in favor of the little  chrome cup that screwed in nicely on the top. I was always assured that my heavenly beverage was hot and a refill was only inches away. This lasted until 6 years ago when a visit to my doctor revealed an erratic heart beat due to the amount of caffeine I was consuming. Lets just say that I was more than a 2 cup a day drinker. I had to give up the drug and my favorite Thermos went unused and was ultimately lost in a recent move. I ran across this today and it brought back fond heart skipping memories….





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  1. This is not your thermos it is mine. Where did you get this? I miss my old thermos too and you seem to have found it.

  2. The Observant Imagist permalink

    “Did yours have a scratch right there”, I say pointing to an empty space where my thermos used to be.

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