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Chamber Punk?

June 1, 2009

I just finished listening to one of my talented students exhibit another side of creativity with the cello. He is already an up and coming ceramist, but he chose to play a piece on the cello for senior convocation. I was blown away. In kind I did a search for cellists to add to my collection of music and ran across Bonfire Madigan, a described chamber punk artist.

“Bonfire Madigan, AKA Madigan Shive, is one of my favorite musicians of all time. She clutches her cello like a life-raft, singing in gorgeous yelps and hums. It doesn’t really matter if you like the kind of music Bonfire Madigan sings, because she does it so soulfully and gracefully, you can’t help but stand there openmouthed, gawking at her vocals and cello.”—JS The Mercury Portland, OR



A must have for any collection……


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