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It’s getting close

June 1, 2009

Summer has almost arrived for me. For many in the world of academia, the summer marks a time where personal interests can be pursued, or better yet, a more relaxed lifestyle can be led. 

For years I have attended workshops and classes as part of my summer professional development, but this year I am choosing to work on making a change in direction with my art. Photography has served me well over the years, yet I continue to struggle with how my creative voice speaks through this medium. Recently, I came to the conclusion that my work, or voice, was being confined by the inherent nature or structure that is fine art photography. It has become increasingly difficult for me to stay within the parameters without sacrificing the message in some way. The ground work is in place for me to make a proverbial leap off the safe confines of the photographic cliff into a new abyss. 

Working off the crazy quote of disgruntled art patron while looking at a series of photographic images, “it aint art unless it has paint on it”, I am planning to create a series of paintings and photographs and have them coexist in the same gallery space. This new direction feels very natural, and I feel like a kid again with a renewed passion for discovery. I am looking forward to the growing pains….



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