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Traveling without my camera

June 11, 2009

This morning was very odd. Regular programming was interrupted 15 times in 10 minutes to warn of a fast moving thunderstorm that was producing abnormally high lightening strikes. Each radar pass resulted in hundreds of strikes. Little fancy bolt shapes completely covered the traditional yellow, green and red computer generated rain fall. It was set to reach Brentwood by 9:10 am. The heavy rain came, but not the lightening, and the weather man continued to droll on about the heavy strikes. This was the first odd.

The second came as I was driving the back roads into town just after the storm passed. In the distance I could see condensation rising off of the hillside that would get caught  by the passing front and dragged into the distance. I was actually watching clouds being formed.

The final odd was a brief glimpse of deer nestled among the trees. The light was the most beautiful that I have seen in quite a while. Sunlight filtered through the cold blue gray  clouds, bouncing off the green and brown ground cover which illuminated only about the first 8 feet off the ground, then faded to a dark green as you looked up into the tree canopy. The deer frozen in stance,  weaved between the tree trunks in a surreal way. They were a gorgeous shade of brown that seemed to glow from the almost unnatural atmospheric light. I passed by at 35 mph and the moment was gone, but forever seared in memory. 

I do wish I had remembered to travel with my camera……..



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