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penn, where did this come from? Well after several adult beverages and feeling the need to re-find my artist self, an equally inebriated friend suggested a new name. We kicked around many, decided on several awful ones, thanks El Tesoro. The one that stuck was “penn”. It related to photography in an obvious way, and it also related to writing, in well, an equally obvious way. Perfect, penn it is. Oh, and it looks great in lower case.

I am an artist/teacher, and often an unaccomplished  writer. I could loosely be called a photographer, a label that I have never worn well, however it is my trade. Until recently, I have tried to make images less photographically. I utilized everything but the kitchen sink to create a photograph and would often mask it under the guise of a silver based or a digital image. It has worked till now, ugh the now. I think that I finally need to just express; in any form. Enjoy, and welcome to my life.

  1. Work your silver-gelatin ethereal magic on my image sometime…it would be an honor. Thx.

  2. And after a brief look through of your blog and MM port I have become a fan.

  3. The Observant Imagist permalink

    Thanks,,, It is surprising that we are probably a stones throw away from each other…
    Be well


  4. A new design and layout. I like it. Clean and and has the look of a magazine with multiple facets.

  5. Oh, yeah. I’ve added this site to my blogroll.

  6. The Observant Imagist permalink

    I am limited with design as this is the free account, but i will be working on a custom one in a few weeks..

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