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November Muse, sonnet #4

Morning mist kissed leaves of red gold

weigh heavily on age perfected branches

tightly entangled, brittle and lifeless

our ground opulently patterned by natures old

and a faint weeping echo of stories lay cold

I await, dressed in love and spoiled chances

breath dense with desire but fogged by distance

sense ripened by time, pick, do not withhold 


Now, hands aged gentle soft, take my own

leading away to safes pure intent

cold is now warm, our limbs entwined

we are but are, alone in natures womb

sharing delights response in kind




USB Sushi



Okay,,, now they have gone and done it! This series of USB devices is bay far my fave. What’s not to like, with storage from 256 meg to 2 gig , these small beauties not only store data, but look like a healthy mouthful as well… Get them here.. They also have other cool designs if the sashimi makes you squeemy…

Inspired Bicycles-Danny MacAskill April 2009

You have to see this. Truly amazing skills on a bicycle….  I am speechless….

I miss my Thermos

I miss my old Thermos. It had nicks, scratches and a stained inside from constant use. I carried it around for years and abused the coffee that it kept hot. I even gave up my favorite ceramists mug in favor of the little  chrome cup that screwed in nicely on the top. I was always assured that my heavenly beverage was hot and a refill was only inches away. This lasted until 6 years ago when a visit to my doctor revealed an erratic heart beat due to the amount of caffeine I was consuming. Lets just say that I was more than a 2 cup a day drinker. I had to give up the drug and my favorite Thermos went unused and was ultimately lost in a recent move. I ran across this today and it brought back fond heart skipping memories….




new ad image and a wonderful model


Penn Boysen © 2009       “Rachel”

Ad image for promotion of jewelry designer

I love this image and  want to use it elsewhere. The model Rachel was a joy to work with and I would actually like to work with her again away from the commercial imagery.


at my fathers

I spent only a brief time at my fathers place last time I was in Illinois. Mom and dad are divorced (since I was 11) and sometimes it is hard to balance time spent with each so that they both feel like they have not been cheated. My dad is a unique retired art professor and has been suffering the effects of Parkinson’s Disease for the past 8 years. We are close, but distant at the same time and I know we are both thinking that we should have worked on a deeper connection earlier in life. I really want to write about my understanding of our relationship and produce a volume of work as well, but I have yet to get my head around it. It is very personal and I want to do it right. Maybe I will run out of time which will take care of my being able to do it, but I hope not as I really want to connect in some way. Here are some phone images made during my last visit.







the ritual (recycled)


the ritual  (recycled) “pink” Penn Boysen © 2009


the ritual (recycled) “blue” Penn Boysen © 2009